We are an over 3,000 strong team built on a wide range of skills and a wealth of experience. Originally founded in 1963, we’re at the busy crossroads of regulatory and market changes in the insurance industry. We have a proven track record of successfully integrating blocks of pension, insurance and investment business.

Our strategy is to be the leading life and pensions consolidator in the UK market and to continue to provide professional service to our customers. We have three strategic goals:

Selective Growth:

Our long-term strategy is to grow the ReAssure business through acquisition.

Value Extraction:

We target acquisitions where ReAssure can create value through capital, tax and operating synergies. We also extract value by driving long term retention through the continued development of the customer proposition, delivery of strong customer outcomes and excellent customer experience.

Operational Excellence:

Customer outcomes are at the heart of our business model with our conduct strategy core to this. Ensuring customers’ needs are appropriately met from initial inception of the business through to ultimate termination is of paramount importance. Our focus on operational excellence reaches beyond our customers and to our employees.

Actuarial Use financial and statistical techniques to solve business problems, particularly those involving risk. These business problems involve looking at future events, the likelihood of them happening, when it might happen and how much money will needs to be put aside to cover costs should the event occur.
Manage our assets and the related financial market risks.
Working closely with Aviva, ReAssure Aviva provide third party customer servicing to Aviva. They collaborate with Aviva to continually improve customer outcomes.
Work to embed a positive compliance and customer centric culture across our business. Compliance support the business to make decisions that are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements and enable the effective management of regulatory risks.
Oversee the delivery of company-wide communications to ensure you’re kept informed about our business.
With four key capabilities the Corporate Strategy and Planning team work to evolve the strategy of ReAssure, ensure effective planning and prioritisation, oversee our key partners and sponsor special projects.
Customers are central to everything we do at ReAssure. Our Customer Services teams work hard to deliver excellent customer services across a wide variety of products to our ReAssure customers.
Help to manage our sites, and ensuring the effective day-to-day running of our offices.
Responsible for organising ReAssure’s financial and accounting affairs and supporting the business to achieve their financial targets.
HR supports the delivery of ReAssure’s strategy, help to embed our organisational values, enhance your experience at ReAssure and position us to be an attractive employer.
Working to optimise our IT capabilities: enabling our business to rely on robust services, to develop and unlock opportunities and drive a competitive advantage.
The mission of Internal Audit is to enhance and protect organisational value by providing independent risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight.  The Internal Audit function helps ReAssure Group accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes.  
The primary focus of operations and change is the effective delivery of change and supporting business innovation.
Helping achieve strong customer outcomes, in an innovative, cost effective and controlled way that helps to protect the value of our in force book.
Effective and controlled risk taking is key. Risk Management work with the business to help ensure that risks are identified, measured, monitored and controlled in accordance with our risk appetite
Assists with the on-boarding of new suppliers, review new and existing contracts and support our key projects.


We make a positive impact by caring about customers, colleagues and communities.