What are our values and what is it like to work for ReAssure?

Our values guide the way we think and act. They shape our culture, direct how we behave and challenge each and every one of us – each and every day. They are the foundation for the way we conduct our business and the inspiration for our continued success.

Leadership at ReAssure

At ReAssure we see leadership as one of our key capabilities and believe that consistent application of tested principles leads to enhanced performance. Effective leadership is not just about doing business well today. It also demands that we build a sustainable business and attract, develop, and retain tomorrow’s workforce. That is the only way we can deliver on ReAssure’s current and future ambitions.

Diversity and Inclusion

ReAssure is passionately committed to being an inclusive employer. We believe that an inclusive culture is vital in helping us achieve our strategy. In order to achieve our goals we need the best talent, and this comes from a diverse range of backgrounds. Being a company with a diverse range of talent, varied ideas, and different experiences helps us to innovate and to address the changing needs of our customers and clients. Whilst we believe that diversity is good for our business, we also believe that it is fundamentally the right thing to do and our commitment to inclusion and diversity is reflected in our employee and leadership values.

In 2017 we pledged our support to the Women in Finance Charter. The Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry. As a charter signatory, we pledge to continue to support gender diversity.  For more information please visit our Diversity & Inclusion statement - https://www.reassure.co.uk/article/reassure-diversity-inclusion-statement/

Our approach to volunteering

ReAssure recognises the importance of supporting local charities and the value in allowing employees to have time off work to participate in events and activities that are significant to them. Our Volunteer Policy means that ReAssure employees have the opportunity to apply for 15 hours a year to engage in volunteering activities. ReAssure is proud to support The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS). TPAS offer free and impartial guidance to people with workplace and personal pensions. TPAS have an excellent volunteer programme open to those with a background in life and pensions and we encourage employees to volunteer to support TPAS and to take advantage of our volunteer policy. We are delighted to have recently been recognised by TPAS as an outstanding organisation who supports its staff who are volunteer advisors.

Partnering local schools

ReAssure works with local schools to provide young people an insight into the working world. This wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and passion of our employees who support a wide variety of initiatives.

Health and Wellbeing

ReAssure believes that healthy staff drive a healthy and happy business.  ReAssure recognises the importance of looking after our employee’s physical and emotional health and how this can impact engagement, productivity and performance.  ReAssure is committed to maintaining a culture of wellbeing that actively supports our employees in making the right choices and providing the appropriate support and guidance when needed.  Our Health and Wellbeing Committee is made up of passionate representatives from all across our business and was established to help empower employees to make informed, healthy lifestyle choices to improve their wellbeing.

The Phoenix Colleague Representation Forum (PCRF)

The Phoenix Colleague Representation Forum (PCRF),  provides support for colleagues across the UK Group through all stages of a career with Phoenix.  The PCRF is with you through the events that affect you in your working lives individually and collectively. As a representative body we are committed to providing a consistent, autonomous, industry leading forum.

The PCRF represent colleague  views on topics that are important to them, like pay and benefits or organisational change.  We are also focused on wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion; and a positive workplace culture.

Agile Working

ReAssure is a multi-site organisation. Our growth is based on 6 key locations, Telford, London, Hitchin, Norwich, Preston and Hove. We also have a number of staff who are predominantly home/remote workers.

Flexibility in working models is desirable for a number of reasons, ranging from supporting parents returning to work to enabling employees flexibility to attend important personal appointments. Or simply, to provide the optimal work model that best meets teams and individuals needs and offers the most effective way of working.

Our ambition is simple: To give our people flexibility to work in a way that supports their needs and which continues to deliver on our One Team Goals of; Efficient Business, Quality Outcomes for our  Customers and Empowered Workplace Culture.

Our employee values


We do the right thing by taking personal ownership.


We make a positive impact by caring about customers, colleagues and communities.


We succeed through learning, experimenting and adapting.


We innovate by challenging ourselves and others to do better.


We collaborate and find strength through respecting and embracing new perspectives.